Terrific piece Susan! You have made a personal commitment with the right vision to truly make a difference in how our society addresses race equity, diversity, and justice in the future. We must change power centers and your work will make an enormous difference in that.

If you decide to include a children’s advocacy organization dedicated to working on equity, diversity, and power as a future partner, we hope you will consider First Focus on Children and First Focus Campaign for Children.

Our organizations are the leading cross-sector child advocacy groups in this sector and are organizing and building a grassroots movement with those very principles in mind. We are on the ground floor with that work that have a commitment from our Board, which is majority-minority, toward those goals. Our mission is to build a movement of activists with and for children, who are now increasingly majority-minority and subjected to declining investment in large part to the “racial generation gap.” We seek to create a movement that insists upon a better future for our kids where diversity is embraced and fully recognized as the strength it is.

Here are a few Medium pieces that describe our work on building race equity, justice, voice, and rights for our children, including immigrant kids:

  • Demand that Our Nation’s Leaders ‘Commit to Kids’ — Medium https://link.medium.com/xKD8bZ6YL9
  • Unfinished Business: the Civil Rights Act of 2020 — Medium https://link.medium.com/RGnqRYfZL9
  • Building a Better America and World for Our Children — Medium https://link.medium.com/wi4tt8jZL9
  • What Is ‘Sad and Disappointing,’ Mr. Cuccinelli, Are Your Policies — Medium https://link.medium.com/rq4atszZL9
  • Shortchanging Our Children Harms the Nation — Medium https://link.medium.com/8a7NiXKZL9
  • The Congressional Champions for Children — Medium https://link.medium.com/qFl5P9WZL9
  • Championing Children is an Electoral Winner — Medium https://link.medium.com/lQ7NUZQZL9
  • Free the Children: Caging Migrant Children is Inhumane and Unjust — Medium https://link.medium.com/6fePSF5ZL9
  • Child Poverty Should Be a National Outrage — Medium https://link.medium.com/1woDbBd0L9
  • Who’s for Kids and Who’s Just Kidding? — Medium https://link.medium.com/PDLjSLm0L9
  • Protecting Our Kids: Why We Need a Commissioner for America’s Children — Medium https://link.medium.com/OVsSPBu0L9
  • Children Must Be Seen and Heard — Medium https://link.medium.com/hMgz09D0L9
  • The Undeclared War on Children — Medium https://link.medium.com/P1JcvnP0L9
  • Election 2016: A Crossroads for Children — Medium https://link.medium.com/RvBOIca1L9
  • Embrace Our Nation’s Diversity and Youth, Not Walls — Medium https://link.medium.com/eOZC0Lg1L9

We also have a Champions for Children program in which we work with, highlight, lift up, and express our gratitude and support for Champions for Children. Here are examples with Sens. Harris and Booker in recent months:

Best wishes to you in this work. Just wanted to share with you some parallel work in the children’s space.

@BruceLesley — President of @First_Focus & @Campaign4Kids. Child advocate, husband & father of 4. Basketball fanatic. Follow on Twitter: @BruceLesley.

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